We Can All Think

This is the second foundational principle of Transactional Analysis.

Remember that when we know deepest down that we can all think, we are not compelled to critique, rescue or play the victim to other people’s thinking. We are ‘off the hook’!

Here are some questions to help you to dive a little deeper:

  • Do you believe ALL others can think?
  • Do you believe their thinking is as sharp, as thorough as yours?
  • What are you most tempted to do with other’s capacity to think:
    • Lessen it?
    • Build it up?
    • Assume they haven’t noticed all the details you have?
    • Assume they are right?
    • Assume they are wrong?

As you feel and think more deeply into this concept, what happens for you?

Make a note to refer back to as you learn more about yourself using Transactional Analysis.