Viking Voyages

This learning block represents one week’s work. Aim to watch at least one video and choose at least one activity or project to complete. 

There are two videos to choose from about Viking voyages. The first one is better for younger kids, the second one will appeal to older kids. Feel free to watch one, or both!

Now choose an Activity

Discover More: Viking Voyages

Use this interactive map to explore and learn more about the Viking voyages.

Mapping the  Viking Voyages

Download this blank world map, color the Viking homelands again. Now mark the voyages in lines on the map. Use this map to help you.

Viking Project: Make a viking ship

Make a Viking Ship from recycled items. 

You’ll need:

  • 1 Quart or Bigger Carton
  • 1 Straw & 12 Skewers
  • Regular Masking Tape
  • String or Thread
  • Paper Bag
  • Markers or paints
  • Scissors
  • Glue 

Here are the step by step instructions on Ziggety Zoom.

Take a photo of your finished ship for your portfolio!

Books About Viking Voyages

Click on a book to buy it from Amazon. Or, you can ask for them at your local library. 

Viking Ships At Sunrise Read Aloud

NOw Let’s Have some fun!