Spooky Mexican Expressions

Spanish Camp: Spooky Mexican Expressions

¡Hola, muchachos! This is your Omnis Education Spanish Summer Camp class number 4!

In this class I’m going to teach you 2 spooky Mexican expressions you can use in your daily conversations. I promise you’ll sound so cool! Before we start with the class I will share with you a funny video to explain “el día de los muertos”. Be aware that the videoclass this time is a bit longer than normal, so if you prefer to skip the first video, it is up to you.

Here is the videoclass. Remember to take your notes and have fun!

Hey! What an interesting day, El día de los muertos! Right? 

Here’s one video you can watch if you want to see how we celebrate this day in different parts of Mexico:

Well, as you know, now it’s time to test your memory. Here is the audio conversation between two brothers who happened to get new running shoes. Don’t forget to follow the script.

Brother: Paco, this is the last time I let you wear my favorite t-shirt. Next time you won’t be this lucky.

Paco: ¡Asústame, panteón! What are you going to do? What are you going to do?

Brother: Hmmm, next time, I will tell mom.

Paco: Ok, ok, ok. I promise that won’t happen again, alright? I was just kidding. Besides, today is el día de los muertos and you don’t want to disrespect la calaca.

Brother: Yeah, you’re so funny.

Paco: Btw, there’s gonna be a party tonight at Gera’s house. Are you coming?

Brother: Mmm…

Paco: Come on!

Brother: I’m just kidding. I’m coming. Los muertos al panteón y los vivos al fiestón.

Paco: That’s the attitude. Let me put on some nice clothes…

Brother: Dude, that’s my shirt, la pelona is going to get you this time!