Social Justice: LGBTQ+ RIghts

 LGBTQ Rights 

The LGBTQ movement and, most recently, trans rights are always in the news. But the fight for equality and equity for LGBTQ folks has been going on for a couple of centuries.  This section gives an introduction to key moments and key issues in that fight, and spotlights some of the people who are still fighting the battle.

Rallying round Gay Pride


Here’s a video showing an important speech in the history of Gay Pride:


If you have access to Netflix, you can watch the whole video: Milk


Reflect on what you have just read and/or watched. Write down 2-3 important or new things you have learned about LGBTQ rights.

Trans rights and visibility



Timeline: A Look Back at the History of Transgender Visibility

Transgender Day of Visibility: 8 famous transgender rights activists and allies

GLAAD Media Reference Guide – Transgender


Here’s a trailer for an interesting documentary on trans visibility and rights.

Optional: If you have access to Netflix, you can also watch the whole documentary.  Disclosure (rated 16+)


  • Google one of the people mentioned in the “living history” video or trans rights activists and write a paragraph, draw a picture, do a presentation or make a short video saying what they contributed to the  gay or trans rights movement.
  • Find a recent news story about LGBTQ rights or the LGBTQ community, and answer the following questions:
    • Does the writer support a particular perspective on this issue? If so, what is that perspective?
    • What parts of the article show that it is either balanced or biased on the issue being covered?
    • What is your personal perspective on the issue being covered?
  •  Create a petition for a gay rights or trans rights issue you’d like to solve OR find a petition about a gay rights or trans rights issue you care about. Sign it and share it.