Self Direction 101: An Introduction Sample

Self Direction 101: An Introduction Sample

The Big Question: 

What is self-direction and does it really work?

Your Challenge For The Week:

Identify the ways in which you self-direct as an adult.

This may include anything from new skill acquisition to meal choices to book selections. What things do you pursue or decide without someone else telling you what to do? Are any parts of your job self-directed?

Journal Prompt #1 

Does your “real world” look anything like a conventional school experience? 


  • When is the last time you’ve been asked to sit in a room for an entire work day with 25 other people who were all born within 12  months of you, most of whom live in your same neighborhood? 
  • Do you raise your hand to use the bathroom or get a drink of water in your adult day to day life?
  • As an adult, how often do you set a 15 minute timer for learning new material and then force yourself to “move on”?

Journal Prompt #2 

What are your biggest concerns around self-direction?

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