Mexican Expressions from Songs

Spanish Camp: Mexican Expressions from Songs

¡Hola, muchachos! This is your Omnis Education Spanish Summer Camp class number 2!

In this class we will learn about useful expressions Mexicans use from songs. Do you like music? Then this is going to be your favorite Spanish Class!

Listen to the songs I told you about in the video:

Lo Pasado, Pasado:

Bésame Mucho:

Mexico Lindo y Querido:

Before you start this activity, make sure you have watched my video and learned some of the best and coolest expressions from Mexican songs. Now it’s time to work on your progress. So, I’m going to ask you some questions.

To answer them, you also need to listen to the following real conversations between Mexicans.

While you listen to the audio, let’s take a look at the scripts:

Conversation 1:

Carlos:  Bueno.

Juan: ¿Carlos?

Carlos:  ¿Qué onda, Juan?

Juan: Hey, I have a problem, man.

Carlos: What happened?

Juan: Well, remember I had an appointment for a job interview this morning?

Carlos: Yeah! How did it go?

Juan: Well, the thing is that I was going to watch only one more episode of “Stranger Things” before going to sleep, but I ended up watching the whole first season…I didn’t hear my alarm!

Carlos: No way…

Juan: Yeah. I’m really sad, man. I really wanted that job.

Carlos: Hey, it’s alright, lo pasado, pasado. You’ll find another.

Juan: Hmmm. Yeah, you’re right…Hey wanna watch “The Walking Dead”? They say it’s really good…

Conversation 2:

Friend: Hola, Poncho.

Poncho: Hola.

Friend: What are you doing?

Poncho: I’m making some tacos for lunch, you know, frijoles, jalapeños…

Friend: Look at these huge tortillas!

Poncho: Yeah, they come from my Mexico, lindo y querido.

Friend: Mmm they look so good.

Poncho: And they are, they are…

Conversation 3:

Son: I gotta go to school mom, see you later.

Mom: Hey, hey. What do you think you’re doing?

Son: What? School!

Mom: Where’s my kiss?

Son: Come on, mom. I gotta go!

Mom: No without my kiss, hurry up, bésame, bésame mucho!

Son: Agh, alright…

Mom: (Laughs) That’s it, have a great day, son.

Son: Thanks mom, bye!