Mariachi Music

Mariachi Music

There are four videos to choose from to learn about Mariachi music.

The first two are better for younger kids, the second two will appeal to older kids. Feel free to watch one, or both!

You may see a number of other videos that are a deeper dive into things you might be interested in. Feel free to watch as many of those as you like. Then choose some activities and/or a project. 

Take A Deeper Dive!

Watch Mariachi Performances

Mariachi Instruments

Listen to Sarah La Moreno, an African-Mexican woman who sings Mariachi music. She talks frankly about the difficulties she has faced because of the lack of awareness about African-Mexican people generally and the specific prejudice around an African-Mexican woman singing this kind of music.


Learn A Mariachi Song

If you sing or play an instrument, learn a Mariachi song using the sheet music at Even if you don’t play or read music you can look at the music, listen to the audio, and follow along – everyone can sing, just try to match your voice to the one you can hear! Practice a few times, sing along, and you might surprise yourself.

There are many songs to choose from such as El Carretero by S. Vargas R. Fuentes. Learn a song and play it for family or friends. Include the sheet music and a recording of your performance in your portfolio.

Learn How To Perform Mariachi

Watch the video for some tips about how to perform mariachi. Is it something you would like to do? What techniques do you think would be easy? Which would be difficult

Record yourself practicing some of the techniques in the video or write a short description of how you felt trying the techniques. Add your video or description to your portfolio.

Draw A Mariachi Instrument

Watch the video to learn how to draw a Mariachi guitar or independently draw a Mariachi instrument you learnt about. See if you can find out what the different parts of the instrument are called and label them. What is the instrument called in Spanish? What “voice” does this instrument have, and what part does it play in the music – does it carry the main tune, or is it in the background? Add your drawing to your portfolio.

What Part Does Music Play In Your Life?

Mariachi music is part of Mexican culture. It is a way to celebrate and to share stories. How is music a part of your culture? Do you engage with music every day or once in a while? Do you create music, consume it or both? Do you think music is vital to your life or could you live without it? Are you drawn to certain kinds of music? Does the music you listen to have deep ties to a culture or country?

Reflect on your relationship with music. Write or share your thoughts on video about music in your own life after learning about Mariachi. Add your video or written reflections to your portfolio.


Research A Mariachi Instrument

Watch the videos to learn about the guitarron and the vihuela, two Mariachi instruments. Pick one of these instruments, or any Mariachi instrument you like, to learn more about. Research using books, videos, or websites about your chosen instrument. Use this printable to answer questions about your instrument. Add your research to your portfolio.


Read Aloud Book(s)