Cool Expressions from Mexican Characters

Spanish Camp: Cool Expressions from Mexican Characters

¿¡Qué onda, muchachos!? This is your Omnis Education Spanish Summer Camp class number 3!

In this class we will learn 3 cool expressions that became famous in Mexico thanks to some of the most hilarious characters. We’ll also talk about a word that has various meanings in Spanish. You need to know them if you visit Mexico soon!

Awesome! This class has been a bit longer than normal, but you definitely learned a bunch of new vocabulary. Now let’s listen to the audio conversation between Pedro and his friend, talking about their new running shoes. Below this audio you’ll find the SCRIPT so you can read while you listen. Pay attention!

Friend: ¿¡Qué onda, Pedro!?

Pedro: ¿¡Qué onda!?

Friend: Our running shoes just arrived. Wanna check them out?

Pedro: Oh, really? Sí, let’s do it.

Friend: Look at this

Pedro: Are those mine?

Friend: Yeah.

Pedro: Wow! Look at them, so fancy! Do you like yours?

Friend: Mmm, actually I’m not sure.

Pedro: Come on, they’re awesome, also way more expensive than mine.

Friend: Mmm but I like yours more.

Pedro: What? Really? Hmmm. ¿Le entras a la catafixia?

Friend: Ha, ha. No, no, no. I think I like mine now.

Pedro: I told you! Ok, let’s go. It seems like it’s going to llover, you know?

Friend: Yeah, I don’t know if someone wants to mojarse, but I don’t.

Pedro: Don’t worry, we are close, but if you do, I have some Roma in the house. It can make your clothes look just like new.

Friend: That’s right, brother.