Cool Expressions for When You Visit Mexico

Spanish Camp: Cool Expressions For When You Visit Mexico

¡Muchachos! This is your Omnis Education Spanish Summer Camp class number 5!

Today we will learn 3 cool expressions you can use right after you visit Mexico or whenever you want to impress your Mexican neighbors. I chose these expressions from some of my favorite states in Mexico. I hope you like them!

Remember, we always put in an audio conversation so you can hear the new vocabulary in real situations. Listen to it while you read the script:

Jon: Carlos, I’m so excited to get to Yucatan! I want to go to the beaches and the cenotes…

Carlos: I know… I’m excited too. And also I’m excited because those tacos were good!

Jon: What? You ate them all?

Carlos: Ammm, yeah…

Jon: Carlos, we were supposed to eat them together. I’m still hungry here, and you’re not driving, dude!

Carlos: Hey, I’m sorry! you didn’t mention that part…

Jon: Man, at least can I eat el xix?

Carlos: I mean, yeah… There’s a plain and nutritious tortilla and some salsa verde left…

Jon: Te la bañaste, Carlos… You’re not a good friend. 

Carlos: Chale. I’m sorry, Jon. I promise next time I’ll eat where you can’t see me…

Jon: I can’t with you, man.

Carlos: Keep driving, man.