Cardboard Creations

Cardboard Creations

Let’s learn about cardboard creations together!

Cardboard is one eco-friendly craft material we all have fairly easy access to – just check your local recycling center! At the same time, it’s one of the most overlooked craft supplies out there. But did you know that artists can do incredible things with this simple material? 

There are two videos to choose from to learn about cardboard art.

The first one is better for younger kids, the second one will appeal to older kids. Feel free to watch one, or both!

You may see a number of other videos that are a deeper dive into things you might be interested in. Feel free to watch as many of those as you like. Then choose some activities and/or a project. 

High school students or any student who wants to dig deeper, continue your study with one of the advanced learning projects in the Projects section.

Take A Deeper Dive!

Bartek Elsner is an urban artist in Berlin who trained as a graphic designer, but ever since rediscovering cardboard he’s been thinking outside the box. We meet him and look at some of his installation-creations.

Source: DW News.

50 Cardboard Sculptures from Around the World

Luanga Nuwame uses his free time during COVID to get inspired, create incredible (and weird) things, and work with cardboard. Check out his latest project!


Make a Cardboard Gumball Machine

Easy cardboard gumball machine. Give it a try and upload a photo to your portfolio.

DIY Cardboard Animals

Craft and paint these adorable cardboard animals! Don’t forget to upload a photo to your portfolio.

Cardboard Rocketship!

Can you make a cardboard rocketship that you can sit in? One that actually MOVES? These kids did it! Give it a go and remember to upload a video or picture to your portfolio!


Cardboard Mask

Watch this video and try creating a cardboard mask! You’ll need to download and print the template from DaliLomo DIY. Remember to upload a photo of the finished project to your portfolio.

Advanced Project

How to Make an Advanced Cardboard Sculpture.

Love cardboard art so far? Take it to the next level with this advanced sculpture tutorial. It does take some time and patience, but you’ve got this! Remember to upload to your portfolio when you’re done.