Beyond The Juggle: You Are the Priority: Sample

Mindset Shift #1: You Are The Priority

Enjoy this first key mindset shift we invite you to make…


Are you tired of juggling?

This is the first session of seven to help you move beyond the massive juggle of parenthood towards a more integrated approach to life.

In this (more than) 8 hour series of workshops we’ll help you connect with your needs and get them met while building the family life you dreamed of. 

This first session focuses on the biggest mindset shift you have to make, and it’s a tough one, particularly for women who’ve been socialized to sacrifice everything for their families: Your needs matter FIRST.

Start here and begin thinking about how to set the boundaries you need to get your needs met, so that you can show up fully and joyfully for the people you love most in the world. 


Ready for More?

If that felt like a breath of fresh air, and there is a resounding YES in your soul, we’re just getting started.

Continue with the Beyond the Juggle series in Integrated Parenting and make the shifts you need to bring JOY and PEACE back to your family life.