Welcome to Online Summer Camp

at Omnis School 2021!

Join us for one week OR all six…
and LEARN for FUN this summer!

At Omnis School, Summer Camps include:

  • Daily online meet ups with other campers
  • Fun topics, experiments and projects
  • BRAND NEW Summer Camp learning blocks from each of our Experts!
  • A group project every week
  • Self directed learning woven throughout

Every week there’s a new theme:

  • Learn to cook with Dr. Karrie!
  • Get your rhythm & groove on & make music with Teilhard!
  • Dig into social justice issues with Sharon!
  • Explore Spanish & Mexican culture with Carlos!
  • Create art with Hannah!
  • Learn about conservation and the environment with Stacy!

Every week there’s a COOL project:

  • Take part in musical performance with Teilhard
  • Create a social justice highlight that matters to you with Sharon
  • Make a cookbook with Dr. Karrie
  • Celebrate Mexican culture with Carlos
  • Shine a spotlight on conservation with an environmental fair with Stacy
  • Hang your work in a virtual art gallery (and then walk through!) with Hannah

Camp Details

  • Live online sessions with each Camp Leader every Camp Day at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 5pm UK.
  • Extra weekly Self Directed learning session on Wednesdays at 12.30pm Eastern.

Registration Information

Individual Pass for 1 Child:

  • One Camp: $50
  • All 6 Camps: $175

Family Pass for up to 6 Children:

  • One Camp: $150
  • All 6 Camps: $475

Summer Camp Schedule!

August 2nd-6th: Art Camp with Hannah

Join me this summer to have a blast with art, inside and out! We’ll build crazy creations out of cardboard, explore dot art around the globe, and dive into the wild and whacky world of surrealism.

In our backyards, we’ll see what happens when art and science combine to make some explosively fizzy paintings. And finally, we’ll celebrate this beautiful planet with some Earth Day art projects. Let’s go!

You’ll explore:

  1. Dot Art Around the World
  2. Cardboard Creations
  3. Surrealism
  4. Art & Science
  5. Celebrating Earth Day (every day!)

And you’ll learn about:

  • Aboriginal dot painting
  • Recycled art
  • Famous artists
  • Ways to combine art and science through fun experiments
  • Celebrating nature and earth through art

Art Camp Project: Create a walk-round virtual Art Gallery!

Dr.Karrie at Omnis Education
Beyond School Teacher, Hannah Miller

Individual Pass for 1 Child ($50)

Family Pass for up to 6 Children ($150)

August 9-13th: Conservation Camp with Stacey Alvarez

In this camp, we will learn about, among other things, ecosystems, biodiversity, and marine conservation.

However, most importantly, we will learn about having fun while sharing knowledge and collaborating…so come and hang out with me!

You’ll cover the following topics:

  1. Ecosystems & Biodiversity
  2. Deforestation
  3. Marine Conservation
  4. Atmospheric Pollution
  5. Renewable Energy

And you’ll learn about:

  • What an ecosystem is and why biodiversity matters so much!
  • Sustainable Forestry
  • Sustainable Fishing
  • The causes of air pollution
  • Renewable energy

Conservation Camp Project: Conservation Project Fair

Social Justice Summer Camp at Omnis Education

Individual Pass for 1 Child ($50)

Family Pass for up to 6 Children ($150)