Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins

Sir Anthony Hopkins is a Welsh actor who has played many roles and has received many awards for his performances. He began acting at the age of 18. At 82, he was the oldest actor to have received an Academy Award for Best Actor (in 2020) in the movie, The Father. Learn more about him with these videos and activities. 

WARNING: This block might not be appropriate for everyone. If you are young, or easily affected by violence then you should check with your grown ups before going any further. 

Some of the content from the movies Anthony starred in include violence, disturbing scenes and images, and emotionally difficult material.

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Try An Acting Game

Performers like Anthony Hopkins practice acting often. This is a fun game to practice improvising. Give it a try.

Take a video of your acting skills and include it in your portfolio.

Explore The Beauty Of Anthony Hopkins’ Home Country

Anthony Hopkins lived his early life in Wales. Wales is known for its rugged coastline and beautiful beaches. What do you see that is similar and different to the place you live? Draw a diagram of your observations.

  • Print out the Venn Diagram Template from School Marm Ohio or draw your own two overlapping circles on a page.
  • Above one circle, write “Wales”
  • Above the other circle, write the name of the place where you live, example, “New York”.
  • Above the space where the circles overlap, in between “Wales” and your place, write “both”.
  • Inside the “Wales” circle, write words or draw pictures of things you noticed in Wales that differ from your place.
  • Inside the other circle, write words or draw pictures of things your place has, but that you did not notice about Wales.
  • In the space where the two circles overlap, write words or draw pictures of things you noticed that are similar to both Wales and your place.

Take a picture of your Venn diagram and upload it to your portfolio.


Learn About The Autism Spectrum

At 77, Sir Anthony Hopkins learned he was on the autism spectrum. Autism can present both strengths and challenges for people on the spectrum.

Mr. Hopkins says that he doesn’t have many friends and doesn’t like to go to parties, but he does like people. He is quoted as saying, ‘I definitely look at people differently. I like to deconstruct, to pull a character apart, to work out what makes them tick and my view will not be the same as everyone else.’

He also exhibits an impressive memory, which is a trait some people on the autism spectrum also share. Hopkins astounded the production crew [of a movie] with his memorization of a seven-page courtroom speech, delivering it in a single take.

First, watch this video to learn a little bit about what it means for people to be on the spectrum.

Next, think of one way that you are different from some of the people around you. Do you think this difference can be seen as a good thing? What is one way that you like to express yourself?

Now decide how to share your thoughts and CELEBRATE your differences using one of these ways that you like to express yourself. Some ideas include:

  • writing your thoughts for someone to read
  • telling your thoughts to a friend
  • making a video
  • dancing
  • creating art
  • your own idea

Take a picture or record your creation and upload it to your portfolio.

Books About Anthony Hopkins

Click on a book to buy it from Amazon. Or, you can ask for them at your local library.

A Different Kind of Brilliant Read Aloud

Advanced Project

Choose at least one.

The Father is the movie that Anthony Hopkins performed to win an Oscar Academy Award for Best Actor in 2020. Watch the trailer for the movie below. If you would like to rent the whole film, ask your grown up. You can rent it through You Tube or Amazon Prime.

Be A Critic

  • Download a Sample Movie Review Template from Thompson Rivers University.
  • How to Write a Movie Review has some helpful tips if you are looking for more guidance.
  • Watch an Anthony Hopkins movie, some popular titles include
    • The Father
    • Shadowlands
    • The Silence of the Lambs (Warning: this film contains severe violence and gore, frightening and intense scenes, and other sensitive material.)
    • Thor: Ragnarok
    • The Elephant Man
  • Do the research and fill in the notes of what you want to include in your outline.
  • Then, write the review.
  • Be sure to use a tool like Grammarly to help improve and edit your writing.

Upload your review to your portfolio.

Tell What You Know About Anthony Hopkins

This is an old biographical video showing interviews with Anthony Hopkins. It shares some insights that help us get to know Sir Hopkins as a person. He explains a few of his experiences, his thoughts about the choices he has made in life, and how he feels about some of the roles that he has played over the years.

Writing an essay:

Download and print this outline tool, from, to help you organize your essay.

Do more research about Sir Hopkins if needed and fill in the notes of what you want to include in your outline. Then, write the essay. Be sure to use a tool like Grammarly to help improve and edit your writing.

Upload your essay to your portfolio.

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Anthony Hopkins