Beyond The Juggle: Mindset Shift #3

Mindset Shift #3: Integrate

Enjoy this third key mindset shift we invite you to make…

Use the workbook to make your own notes.


Click here to access the Workshop workbook as a Google Doc. 

How to make the most of the workbook

We highly recommend that you PRINT the workbook for note taking as you watch. Research shows that taking notes by hand improves retention.

IMPORTANT: Please MAKE A COPY of the Google doc, rename it with your name in the title “Jenn’s Copy of Beyond The Juggle Workbook” and then type within it to take notes in the cloud if you prefer.  

To make a copy of a Google doc, simply open the document, click “file” in the upper left, then the fourth item in the dropdown list is “Make a Copy.” Easy! 

DO NOT take notes directly in the document without making a copy and renaming it first…as EVERYONE who learns here, uses the same link! Your notes will be seen and shared by everyone. DEFINITELY make a copy if you are going to take notes online.