Self Direction 101: Operating On Trust, Not Fear

The Big Question:

What does it take to release our fear and learn to trust ourselves and our children?

Your Challenge For The Week:

Support yourself. Recognize all the ways you care for and support your child(ren). Everyday. Look in the mirror and say it out loud. Tell yourself what a great job you are doing by allowing yourself to acknowledge all the ways you’re getting it right. Thank yourself for being willing to try something different than you are used to.

Support your child. Recognize all the ways they are learning, upholding their agreements, maturing, and trying new things. Tell them, out loud, everyday the wonderful things you notice about them and their budding capabilities. Thank them for partnering with you and allowing you to be a part of their educational journey.

Journal Prompt #1

What are your fears about self-directed education, facilitating your child(ren)’s learning, and partnering with your child(ren)?

Journal Prompt #2

Do you trust yourself? Do you trust your child? If not, what’s holding you back? What can you shift to extend trust to yourself and your child?

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