Self Direction 101: Getting Started

The Big Question:

In what areas can you offer your child more autonomy right now?

Your Challenge For The Week:

  1. Look back in your personal photos/videos/journals and identify at least 3 ways your child has made steady or substantial personal progress that have nothing to do with school. 
  2. Pick at least one area that you have discovered as naturally progressive for your child and intentionally hand control over to your child, effective immediately (make sure to discuss it with them before handing over the reigns!).

Journal Prompt #1

Before today, what has been holding you back from offering your child more autonomy? Is it personal fear? A perception that your child is not capable? Assumptions about childhood vs adulthood? External pressures from your culture/family/friends/schedule?

Journal Prompt #2 

What if The Lord of the Flies wasn’t a cautionary tale about too much freedom, but rather a cautionary tale about the effects of oppressive control in childhood?