Self Direction 101: Getting On The Same Page As Your Partner

The Big Question: 

How can the adults in your child’s life work together to create a supportive learning environment?

Your Challenge For The Week:

Answer the following five questions and have your partner do the same. When you are finished, compare notes and see where the conversation takes you.

  1. In your mind, what is the point of an education?
  2. How do you believe people learn best?
  3. Did you have a pleasant school experience? Why or why  not?
  4. Do you feel confident in your ability to support your child’s education? What are your concerns?
  5. Keeping in mind that our children will ultimately forge their own paths, what is your #1 wish for your child(ren)?

Journal Prompt #1

Outline what you believe to be your partner’s fears around self-direction. Now put your list away and ask them what their fears are. Listen fully and resist the urge to respond.

Go back and see if you were correct in your assumptions or if they brought up something different than you thought they would. 

Journal Prompt #2 

What can you agree with your partner on when it comes to educating your child(ren)?

Dig Deeper…

Instead of looking for external sources this week, see if you can work through one concern with your partner.

Don’t try to get them to agree with you or to solve every single thing you disagree on.

Pick one thing that is manageable and come up with agreements, a plan, a code word for when things go off track, a timetable…anything that leaves you BOTH feeling like you’ve been heard and there is a plan for addressing the concern.