Self Direction 101: Consent Matters

The Big Question:

How is your approach to education enhancing or undermining your messages about consent?

Your Challenge For The Week:

Accept your child’s ‘No’ everytime they utter it this week. Make a commitment to yourself to hear their ‘no’ as a complete sentence. Resist the urge to coerce, manipulate, or force. Hold yourself to a commitment to work on equal footing with them to come to mutually agreeable conclusions on things that affect them directly.

*** This does not mean you have to let them eat candy for every meal or give in to unkind or unrealistic demands. The ultimate goal is to see their desires and needs as important and worthy of consideration and their boundaries as real, not to turn control over your life to someone else completely.

Journal Prompt #1

Is school different/separate from real life? Should it be?

Journal Prompt #2

In a conventional school setting, there are generally imposed rules around bathroom use, eating, drinking, resting, sharing, and social interactions.

What effect might these imposed rules have on our children’s abilities to set and maintain boundaries? Can we/should we change those things in our homeschool setting?

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