Self Direction 101: Conclusion

The Big Question:

What have you learned?

Your Challenge For The Week: 

Create your own support for when you feel uncertain or stressed about self-direction.

What tools do you need – Reminders? De-stress activities? Good tea? Set up your support plan now so it’s ready when you need it. 

Journal Prompt #1

List any and all areas that you are ready for your child(ren) to start self-directing in. Refer back to this list when you feel yourself waiver.


People are driven to learn. 

Children are people.

Learning is happening all the time.

Learning is not always linear.

Mistakes are ok.

It’s ok to quit.

Journal Prompt #2

Make a promise (any promise) to yourself and your child(ren) that involves this new self-directed journey you all are on. The content and intention of this promise are entirely up to you.

Write down any reminders you will need in moments of uncertainty or stress.

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