Self Direction 101: Accepting Gaps In Your Own Education

The Big Question: 

Does anyone actually possess a “complete education”? Is it even possible?

Your Challenge For The Week:

  1. Just for fun, take this practice US Citizenship and Immigration Services civics quiz. How did you do? Be honest, how many of those questions could you have written a 2-3 page paper on, without Google?
  2. Read about Claudette Colvin and consider why this piece of the Civil Rights story isn’t regularly taught  in school. 
  3. Identify ten topics you have no working knowledge in.

Journal Prompt #1

In grades k-12, our society focuses heavily on a broad educational experience…

For undergraduate studies, we ask students to dig into 1-2 areas of focus for four years. In graduate school we ask people to focus solely on one subject for 2+ years.

PhD candidates are asked to pick a small area of focus within one larger area of study.

Why do you think there is a discrepancy in the depth of study we encourage for students, dependent upon their level of study?

Journal Prompt #2

Do you have fears about supporting your own child’s education? If so, what might that say about the educational experience you yourself had?

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