Space: Planets

This learning block represents one week’s work. Aim to watch at least one video and choose at least one activity or project to complete. 

There are two videos to choose from about planets. The first one is better for younger kids, the second one will appeal to older kids. Feel free to watch one, or both!

Now choose an Activity

space and planet colouring pages

Create a Solar System Map

Next, download and colour these planets to create a solar system map. To do this you will need a sheet of black construction paper.

Glue the sun all the way on one side of the sheet, then glue the planets, in order, in a straight line out from the sun. If you want, use chalk to draw in dotted lines to show the orbital patterns.

You can use small silver star stickers to decorate your background, or use a silver marker, or piece of chalk to draw in stars.

The picture is an example of what you are trying to create… only kid style, of course!

Make the solar system with toilet paper Project

First, download and print, then cut out and colour the sun and planets.

Next, map them on a roll of toilet paper to help kids visualize the distance between the planets. This YouTube video gives you an idea, but they were boring and just wrote the planets on the toilet paper. Colouring them is better.

Books About planets

Click on a book to buy it from Amazon. Or, you can ask for them at your local library. 

National Geographic Planets Read Aloud

NOw Let’s Have some fun!