How to Create an Omnis School Portfolio

Building a portfolio is a fun way to show your work.

At Omnis School, we use portfolios to display work that we are proud of and to show our growth in in both skill and knowledge.

Below, you’ll find three videos. The first one is from Jenn, our CEO, talking a little bit about what a portfolio is and some of the different  things you might include, if you’re an adult or if you’re a chlid or teen.  

The next one is from Jenni, our Head of Self Directed Learning. She’ll talk to you about WHY you might want to make a porfolio.  She will share ideas of ways to create your portfolio that might NOT be limited. to our portfolio tool! She also talks to you about HOW to choose what you include. (Hint: What are you proud of?)

Finally, there’s a video walk through of the Omnis School Portfolio Tool. Lea, our COO, will show you how to make a copy of the file and make it your own. She’ll show you how to upload things and how to organize it. 

Jenn Sutherland: CEO of Omnis Education

Jenni Mahnaz: HEad of Self-Directed Learning

Here’s How to Use the Portfolio Tool