Mission NOt Impossible: Recap WEeks 2 & 3

Here’s a quick recap of the last track that you can use to keep creating blog posts in an easy to follow process. Now, that you’ve done one, this should be even easier. 

Do this process, one activity per day, this week and next week and you’ll have three great pieces of content to jumpstart your blog.

Activity 1: Draft title and outline

  • Create a draft title for your post
  • Do a brief outline, including:
  • 3 main points you want to cover
  • Your conclusion: 1 thing you want people to learn from the article aka your conclusion

Activity 2 : Write your intro

Write a few sentences to lead into your topic and make readers want to keep reading. 

Activity 3: Flesh out the first point

It’s time to flesh out the first main point in your article. Remember, think about why this point is important, and what your reader wants to know. How can you make it appeal?

Activity 4: Write the body of your post

Write a couple hundred words on your other main points, following the guidelines given yesterday.

Activity 5: Write the conclusion

The conclusion – the one point you want readers to take away, followed by your call to action: what you want them to do next, like visit your blog, read another post, sign up for your list.

Activity 6: Find an image for your post

Using the sites shared last time, find an image that illustrates your post. 


Extra credit: upload your post to your blog. 

And, if you’ve made it to the end: congrats! You now have another post to promote.

Additional Reading: