Migration + Amigos Del Tren

CONTENT WARNING: Learning about migration can be hard. This resource includes discussions of violence, poverty, discrimination and human suffering. The topics integrated with and surrounding migration are sometimes emotionally difficult. If you are sensitive to hearing about these topics, you may want to seek out support from someone you trust.

Illegal immigration is a big problem worldwide. Migration between the countries in Central America and the United States of America (USA) is a hot topic and considered a “crisis” by many in the governments of these countries.

There is a great deal of political rhetoric marketed to people (particularly in the USA) that is not reflective of the realities migrants face that factor into their decisions to make the dangerous journey north.

The film, Amigos Del Tren (translation: Friends of the Train), tells the story of a Bolivian man, living in Mexico, who makes it his mission to help the migrants and focuses on the stories of one particular group of men, including a 15 year old boy and a 10 year old boy, both traveling alone.

We invite you to dig deeper into the ‘why’ behind the illegal immigration issue in Central America and the USA and get beyond the political soundbites to make a human connection…

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