Magical Bamboo

Most people know that bamboo is a plant but do you know what kind of plant it is? Do you know where it grows or what makes it special? Here, you’ll learn the basics of bamboo and explore some of the pros and cons of bamboo cultivation. 

What is bamboo?

Walking in the shade of bamboo, towering high above your head, it would be easy to mistake bamboo for a grove of trees but bamboo is not a tree. Bamboo is a grass. In fact, it’s the fastest growing grass in the world. There are about 1,000 species of bamboo and they grow on all continents, either natively or cultivated,  EXCEPT Antarctica.

Bamboo is a colony plant. That means it grows in clumps by spreading roots underground and then sending up shoots. The shoots emerge at their full diameter and then grow straight up to their full height before putting out branches and leaves.

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