Intro to vikings

There are two videos to choose from for your intro to Vikings. The first one is better for younger kids, the second one will appeal to older kids. Feel free to watch one, or both!

Now choose an Activity

Mapping the Viking World

Print out a map of Europe. Let’s work on the countries the Vikings came from.

  • At the top of the map write the title: Viking Countries Map
  • Colour Denmark, Norway, and Sweden
  • Label the countries
  • Mark and label their current capitals
  • Label the bodies of water that surround them

SAVE this map for your portfolio.

Read More About Vikings

Visit this web page and read more about where the Vikings lived, the climate and what their homeland was like.

Viking Project

Using a piece of cardboard, some duct tape and an empty milk jug, make a Viking shield. You’ll need to use a hot glue gun, so check with an adult. The video above and the project page are slightly different methods, but that’s okay! Look at them both and then create your own version!

Here’s the link to the project page.

Take a photo of your finished shield for your portfolio!

Worksheets About Vikings

If you enjoy worksheets, here’s a whole packet of really fun worksheets to print out that are at the K-1 grade level. 

Here is the direct download link from Kindergarten Worksheets and Games.

Books About Vikings

Click on a book to buy it from Amazon. Or, you can ask for them at your local library. 

Eric The REd & Leif The Lucky REad Aloud

NOw Let’s Have some fun!