Introduction to Transactional Analysis

What do you think of the idea that you had mapped out a pretty good draft of your life story before you were aged seven or eight? Can you get hold of YOUR life script?

Answer these questions…

  • What is the overall  theme of your life?
  • If your life was a film, what kind would it be (a horror, a romance, comedy etc.)?
  • Do you usually feel:
    • Annoyed with others?
    • Compelled to help others out?
    • Hard done by?

Here is another exercise to help you to discover your life-script…

Step 1: Use a piece of paper sectioned into eight pieces to storyboard the main events of your life up to this point. As you are doing this, consider fairy tales and children films. These often influence the range options we accept as being available to us when we are small. Step 2: Fill only the first six blocks. Step 3: Once you have done this, tell your story as if it is a fairy tale, even start by saying ‘once upon a time there was a young…’ Step 4: What do you notice as you do this? Note your recordings – in a notebook, journal or your phone – and refer back to them as you learn more about yourself through learning Transactional Analysis. Step 5: And the last two blocks on your paper, here is where you get to re-decide your fate…return here when you’ve completed all the lessons in “Understanding Transactional Analysis” and fill out your newly re-decided ending to the story of your life.