Introduction to Mental Health & Wellness for Kids

Understanding your emotions allows you to manage them well.

In this learning block, you will learn about your four main emotions, Joy, sadness, fear and anger. You will learn how to know what you are feeling. You will learn what your feelings are telling you.

Start with the top video, an intro from Lucy.

Then watch the second video to learn about the emotions of sadness, anger, and fear.

What you feel is telling you something important

Just as you know that an uncomfortable bladder tells you that you need a wee and that itchy skin invites you to scratch, you will learn that sadness tells you that you need comfort, anger tells you that you need to mend the damage, fear tells you that you need to get safe and joy tells you to go and share it!

Understanding your feelings helps you to get your needs met well, stops you from misunderstanding your needs and helps other people to help you too.

After you have watched these videos, have a chat with a big person or write down how you feel in your body when you are sad, when you are angry and when you are frightened. What happens in your tummy, in your legs, arms, throat and in your head?


Knowing and noticing this will help you to get your needs met faster.