Introduction to understanding & managing mental health problems: Stress

Our mental health gets messy when we don’t understand and meet our needs well, when we don’t take care, when we go unheard, unseen and whenever we are misunderstood. We can sometimes not listen to or see ourselves clearly too.

Throughout this topic, I will talk through the most common ways our mental health can get wonky.

These include stress, anxiety and depression. The videos cover tough topics and also give you helpful and handy ways to improve your mental health by stepping up your understanding and self care.

In video two in this block, I introduce stress and help you to learn some good ways to manage your stress. And an exercise to help you to sleep well. 

Start with the videos. 

Then scroll down for the sleep exercise.

Exercise for great sleep:

When you are ready for sleep, close your eyes and imagine a wipe clean board. You also have a pen and a board wiper.

Imagine picking up the pen and writing the number 100 on the board. Follow your imaginary hand with your eyes (under your closed eyelids) as you write it.

Now, pick up the board wiper and wipe the board clean. Move your wiper from left to right as many times as you need to and follow this imaginary movement of  your hand holding the wiper with your eyes as you rub the board clean of your writing.

Now, pick up your pen again and write the number 99,  following your hand as it writes the number with your eyes.

Then pick up the board wiper and erase your number, moving your rubber from left to right and back again, tracking the movement of your hand holding the runner with your eyes…

And repeat this with all the numbers counted backward from 100 all the away to number 1 (although you will NOT make it this far!)