Internet Safety for Kids & Parents

This block is designed to help parents and kids focus on internet safety.

The first video is for young kids, talking about how to stay safe on the internet.

The second video is for tweens and teens.

Below, you’ll find some useful links to dive deeper and learn more.

Want to Learn More?

Omnis School for adults has tons of resources to help you parent and educate your kids more effectively. From internet safety to how to build the family culture you want, and how to get them into college eventually, we’ve got you covered.

Omnis School isn’t just for kids… we support parents too!

Dive Deeper

Digital Citizenship for Tweens

Here’s a link to a playlist of videos for tweens on digital citizenship. 

It covers things like, cyber bullying, sexting, what to share online, how to stay safe, digital footprint, and representing yourself well online.


Smart Social Podcast for parents

Josh Ochs is an expert in social media and keeping kids safe online. 

His Smart Social Podcast is a great way to keep up on what’s new and trendy as well as what you need to know to keep your kids safe online.


Parents: Check out the Smart Social Website

We are big fans of Josh Ochs and his commitment to keeping kids safe online. He’s built a HUGE repository of resources for parents, from webinars, to his podcast, and platform by platform breakdowns of how to keep kids safe, as well as interviews with dozens of experts in various aspects of online life with kids.

One of the things we like BEST about his work is his focus on the internet as a POSITIVE for young people. He puts a lot of effort into helping adults show kids how to use these online tools for GOOD to give them a leg up on their futures, from college admissions to eventual career paths. 

We highly recommend that all parents spend some time on his site, dig into his resources, and educate yourselves on behalf of your kids!


Books About Internet Safety

Click on a book to buy it from Amazon. Or, you can ask for them at your local library.

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