Music Appreciation for families

Do you find classical music intimidating? It doesn’t need to be! And you don’t need to be a music teacher to integrate music appreciation into daily life.

You’ll be SHOCKED at how EASY it is to do an AMAZING job of soaking your kids in GREAT music. And you can start today!!

Music Appreciation at Home

You know, if I could hug Charlotte Mason in person for this one, I’d hug the woman. When you see how easy it is to have high level classical arts and music literacy, you’re going to cry with relief. Particularly because we all know how important the arts are to life and mental and emotional health, and yet they’re the first thing cut from school curriculum as “non-essential,” every time. Any parent can fix this at home with almost zero effort (okay nothing is zero effort, but this is stupid easy.)

Divide your school plan up into 8 week chunks. We had four, because I need a third of every year to do other stuff. Like beach days and blueberry picking. That’s important education too.


For eight weeks play one hour of music by one composer. The same composer, every day, for eight weeks. I did this during arsenic hour… you know that hour of the day where everyone is losing it and you’d either give some, or take some… arsenic that is. Classical music calmed everyone down, particularly me.

Play Chopin every damned day for 8 weeks. Then, without warning, switch to Beethoven and watch what happens. The four year old will say something, I promise.

If you really want to up your game, say the name of the composer once or twice during the hour. Ask a kid what he likes in the music and what he hates. Ask him what it makes him feel like. Dance around like that thing for a while. This can be a lot of fun, as well as arsenic hour detox.

Now get creative… go beyond the European classics that get too much play… dig deep into the classical music of cultures around the world and REALLY blow your kids’ minds!

Have FUN!