Art Appreciation for families

 Do you find art appreciation intimidating? It doesn’t need to be! And you don’t need to be an art teacher to integrate the great art of the world and the appreciation of it into daily life.

You’ll be SHOCKED at how EASY it is to do an AMAZING job of soaking your kids in GREAT art. And you can start today!!

Art Appreciation at Home

You know, if I could hug Charlotte Mason in person for this one, I’d hug the woman. When you see how easy it is to have high level classical arts literacy, you’re going to cry with relief. Particularly because we all know how important the arts are to life and mental and emotional health, and yet they’re the first thing cut from school curriculum as “non-essential,” every time. Any parent can fix this at home with almost zero effort (okay nothing is zero effort, but this is stupid easy.)

Divide your school plan up into 8 week chunks. We had four, because I need a third of every year to do other stuff. Like beach days and blueberry picking. That’s important education too.



On the first day of the first week, stick a piece of art by your chosen artist on the fridge or wall, on day three of the week, put up another piece, same artist. Two pieces a week, 8 weeks, same artist. Start with Monet if you want. Then on the first day of week nine, throw them a curve ball by putting a Dali next to Waterlilies. “WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MONET?!”

“Meet, Dali, children…”

Ask the questions about color, form, feeling, light, dark, emotional response. Heck, get crazy and MAKE ART in the form of the artist in question. Leave them up if you have the space for the whole school year and see what happens.

Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s truly that easy.

I had a certain six year old that held forth on the intricacies of Monet in L’Orangerie, in Paris, to an amazed group of other museum patrons because, “It was his favourite.” Proud mama moment right there.

How could he possibly have a favourite and articulate intelligent things about it by six? He was paying attention to what was happening on the fridge in the four preceding years, for the benefit of his older siblings. Little genius. You’ve got at least one too. Stop wasting fridge space.

Dover Publications offers affordable, postcard sized art prints. Buy them.

In this way you’ll get through at least four composers and four artists per year, if you’re lazy about it like I was. And over the course of even an abbreviated decade of an education, that’s FORTY composers and FORTY artists that your kid will become seriously friends with. Can YOU name forty composers and artists? Or recognize the difference by sound and sight? Don’t worry, that’s the best thing about worldschooling, you’ll “fix” your education too.

Don’t limit yourself to the European classical artists, who get the majority of the air time! De-colonize your art history and appreciation by including the great artists of countries and cultures from across the globe. 

This is going to be fun!