Help Section

Do you have questions? Please check the answers below. And do reach out to us if you are still unsure!

Do you have any quick tips for getting started?

If you’re an Adult member and learning for yourself, check out the welcome from our CEO, Jenn, with some tips for getting started. If you’re a parent whose child is learning with us, here’s what Jenn recommends for you/your children.

I have an All Access Family Pass. How do I set up separate accounts?

We highly recommend setting up separate, individual accounts for each member of your family. This enables you, as the parent, to track and see the progress of every child associated with your account – which topics each child has started, completed and how they’ve fared in the quizzes.

Step 1: To create an individual account for a child, you’ll need a separate/different email address for each user; see this video for our recommendation of how to create email accounts you can control for your children.

Step 2: When you have created individual email accounts, please head to this page to set up accounts on our platform for each member of your family, using their individual email addresses.

What is a Parent Dashboard?

Click here to see what a Parent Dashboard looks like! It provides an overview of the children you have registered on the platform – what topics they’re learning, how they’re doing in the quizzes, what certificates they’ve earned and more.

How do I set up a Parent Dashboard? 

If you have set up your own parent account and set up individual accounts (using different email addresses) for your children, let us know here and we’ll set up a Parent Dashboard for you. 

What if I find something that’s broken or doesn’t work?

Let us know by email here. It would help if you could provide the page or learning block you’re on (the name and URL if possible) and a brief description of what you were trying to do and what wasn’t working. Thank you!