Frequently Asked Questions


What is Omnis School?

Omnis School – by Omnis Education – is the school of the future! We provide progressive, holistic educational resources to facilitate learners, of all ages, to effect the change they choose. We bring together world class subject matter experts to create vetted, curated learning experiences for people of all ages that can be accessed anywhere, any time. Incorporating the best practices of remote work with online learning, we’ve created a platform where learners can connect with each other and our resources to create world class educational experiences outside the four walls of a classroom.

Are you a registered school?

Omnis School (and Omnis Education) is an international education company registered in the USA. We are not registered as a school in any individual country.

Are Omnis School & Omnis Education Accredited?

We are proudly unaccredited. We aren’t trying to “fix school” or play by the old set of rules. We’re reimagining education completely independent of the old paradigms. We believe the future of learning lies beyond the current gatekeepers and we’re equipping learners to navigate the world as it may become, in the real world, right now.

If you’re worried about translating what you learn at Omnis Education into something the educational establishment will understand, don’t worry, we can help with that!

How does this compare to public / state school?

Public school attempts to provide a one size fits all education that is a minimum standard for adult participation in the community…the basics. This is accomplished through location dependent, in person instruction. Curriculum is limited to what has been selected by a curriculum board at the district, state, or federal level. Students have extremely limited choice in what they learn, when, or how they learn it.

Omnis Education is entirely different.

Omnis Education and Omnis School allow learners to chart their own paths completely. Learners (and their parents, if they are children) decide what they will learn and how they will learn it. Omnis Education provides expertise in self-directed learning to help and support learners and parents where necessary.

Learners can learn any time, anywhere. Through facilitated, online sessions, learners connect with Omnis Learning Guides in ways and at times that are convenient for them. There is no limit to what a learner can learn and individual interests are encouraged and supported.

For learners who want to mirror public schools, frameworks around “what to learn” and “how much is enough” can be provided, but it is possible to chart a completely independent learning path that looks very different from public school.

How is this different from my school's online learning?

Omnis Education does not require learners to be online during any specific hours of the day for instruction. We replace long hours of tiresome “classroom style” instruction with a schedule that learners can attend only when they want or need support and connection with others.

One size fits all, non-optional assignments that may or may not be meaningful to a student are replaced with a selection of highly engaging, interest driven options from which a learner can choose how to demonstrate what they are learning. Testing and grades are replaced by portfolio driven assessment (or no assessment at all!).

  • Timing is flexible (learn whenever it is convenient for you).
  • Quests, activities and projects are fun, engaging, and choice oriented.
  • Self-reflection and evaluation are encouraged and supported.
  • ‘Curriculum’ is robust, holistic, comprehensive, flexible, and interest driven.
  • Our facilitation support team – Learning Guides & Special Guests –  are always subject matter experts and are available throughout the week.
  • Parents AND learners are supported by our Onnis Way learning experts.
How is this different from Outschool?

Some of us have used Outschool for our own children and while there have been some hits, there have also been many misses!

Omnis School is different because:

  • Every one of our carefully vetted facilitators – whether a Learning Guide or Special Guest – is an expert in their own subject.
  • All of our learning materials can be accessed anywhere, any time, you’re never going to “miss a class”.
  • Our learning resources are consistent in format and quality – we have a rigorous quality assurance process and a dedicated QA team. 
  • We offer ALL of our learning resources, every month, to everyone, for one low price.
  • We offer whole person, whole family learning and personal development opportunities.
Do you certify qualifications?

We do not offer certified qualifications for adults or children. 

Can I use Omnis School as a full solution for my kids' education?

Yes! Many families do.

The educational resources at Omnis School cover ALL the ‘conventional subjects – history, geography, anti-racism, science, world religions, art, music, spanish, physical and mental health, cooking & nutrition, and fun stuff too!

We simply do it in a very different way.

Can I use Omnis School for enrichment?

Yes, of course!

We recognize that local schools are limited in what they can provide to students and not every child is getting everything they want or need.

Omnis School allows your child to flex their learning muscles and dig deep into areas of interest that they might not get at school.

Omnis School also provides diversity in voices, actively de-colonizing the curriculum. Some parents are concerned that their children aren’t receiving enough diverse viewpoints or exposure to a wide enough range of the important people in history.

It’s easy to use Omnis School to add those voices. 

Is Omnis School grade leveled?

No. Omnis School is intentionally organized for multi-age learning. The majority of our rresources are suitable for learners of multiple ages and abilities.

We’ve designed Omnis School for family-style learning, so that all of your children (and you!) can learn together, discuss together, create together, and grow together. We hope that you’ll make memories as well as learning progress!

What is the yearly schedule?

All of Omnis School’s materials, for children and adults, are available 365 days per year. We update and add new resources frequently, so you’ll never run out of things to learn!

There is no standardized yearly schedule with Omnis School because every family (and many countries) run on very different school schedules.

The good news is that no matter what your yearly schedule is, Omnis School will fit perfectly. Follow your local school calendar if you want, school year ‘round if you want, do Omnis School three or four days a week and spend a day or two each week learning offline; the choice is yours.

Omnis School is here to support YOUR learning journey, not to insist that you follow ours!

What does an average day look like at Omnis School?

There’s not one answer to that and we highly recommend that you tailor the materials and at Omnis School to suit your family’s individual needs!

However, if you’re wondering what a day or week might look like if you’re using Omnis School as a full solution for your kids’ education, it might look like this:


  • Exploring an Essential Question such as Who Am I?
  • Starting a Quest to become an Activist.


  • Attending a Math in the Wild live quest session.

You don’t need to do everything every day…encourage your learners to find what works for them:

  • If they like to do deep dives and spend whole days on one thing, foster that.
  • If they prefer to have a number of interest on the go at once and switch between them, dabbling, that’s okay too.
How do you assess what kids are learning?

We encourage trust in learners, of all ages. We don’t provide formal assessments – instead if you’re concerned about your children’s progress and educational journey, we encourage you to attend our Omnis Way Club sessions for adults (held twice a month). We also provide a way to help you focus more on ‘output’ or outcome-based assessment – to focus on what your child participates in, collaborates with and produces versus arbitrary grades, scores or marks.

Self-Directed Learning

What is self-directed learning and the Omnis Way?

Self-directed learning is exactly what it sounds like: trusting an individual to make choices for their own education. We believe that learning is happening everywhere and always. We believe that humans are hardwired to learn and can be trusted to do so and properly encouraged.

We know that sounds scary to a lot of parents because we’ve been conditioned to believe that we can’t trust ourselves to direct our kids educations (don’t we need professionals for that?) and we’ve been conditioned to believe that the kids themselves can’t be trusted to pick the “right” things to learn.

That’s why we provide TONS of support for parents AND kids in making the shift to increase self-directed learning. For some families, that’s a jump off the deep end and a huge shift in what learning looks like for them. For other families, it’s baby steps within a well defined structure until everyone gains confidence and the results begin to speak for themselves.

Self-directed learning is a core foundation of learning, the Omnis Way but it’s not the only thing that makes it different…You can read more about The Omnis Way here.

Do you provide support for kids in self-directed learning?

Yes! Our Self-Directed Learning Club, for kids ages 7-18, meets every single week to discuss individual goals and progress.

It’s facilitated by Danni Woodhams, an expert in self-directed learning. She helps learners dig deeper into their areas of interest, begin to think bigger, and set goals for their learning.


How is Omnis School organized?

The content in Omnis School, both on the adult and child platforms is organized by Essential Questions:

These Essential Questions are:

  • Who am I?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What is my responsibility to the planet?
  • How do we learn and thrive as a species?

By answering these questions, learners:

  • Encounter and celebrate the complexity of the web of knowledge.
  • Focus on the topics and ideas that are important to them.
  • Ensure that what they are learning is always relevant.
  • Are encouraged to return to the questions over and over throughout life as they grow, change, and expand their experience.


What is a learning Pathway?

A Learning Pathway is a clickable graphic mind map on a particular topic. Populated with expertly curated learning resources that reflect global diversity, each Learning Pathway encourages a learner to dive deeper and explore the complexities of a particular topic.

What is included in a learning Pathway?

Each Learning Pathway includes a variety of mixed media resources, including videos, articles, books, art, music, and activity and action prompts for learners to explore.

We build every block to accommodate a range of learning styles, ages and abilities, pre-readers through to adult level. Activities are chosen to draw you away from the screen and to learn and create in the real world. 


What about Math(s) and Language Arts?

When you enroll in Omnis School we’ll help you find the perfect fit for your child for both math and language arts if you need them. In an ideal world, these subjects are chosen specifically for your child to meet them where they are at and support their strengths while addressing their weaknesses. Omnis School helps you do that.

We have weekly Clubs and Quests happening that incorporate Math and Language Arts in interesting and highly relevant ways.


Memberships & Pricing

How much is a membership?

Our current membership fees are:

  • $199 per month for an All Access Family pass, which is valid for up to 6 family members.
  • $99 per month for an All Access Individual pass (suitable for an adult or a child).
What types of memberships are there?

We currently have two types of membership:

  • All Access Family membership which is valid for up to 6 family members (any combination of adults and children).
  • All Access Individual membership which is valid for an individual adult or child membership.
What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your membership at any time. As soon as you cancel, you will be automaticaly unenrolled from our platform.

Do you offer scholarships?

We have a number of  scholarships for the LGBTQ+ Club available, thanks to the generous ongoing support of Ruth Kudzi.

We also have a more accessible and affordable membership option if you are on no or limited income. Please get in touch with us to request this.

Is there a free trial for my family to try before committing to Omnis School?

You are welcome to enjoy 50% off your first month with us using the code: 50OFFMONTH.

We occasionally run promotions for a free first month, be sure to get on our mailing list so you don’t miss an update!

How do I add another Child Membership to my account?

If you have purchased an All Access Family membership, please follow the instructions when you log into the platform to add another child to your account. Alternatively, get in touch with us by email, and we will help you right away!

How do I switch from an individual Parent or Child account to a Family membership?
Please get in touch with us if you’d like to switch your membership type and we will process this for you right away.
How do I access the Quests and Clubs?

When you log in to our platform, you’ll see a page with all the details – the days, times and meeting links – for each scheduled Quest or Club.

Simply click on the round icon for the Quest or Club you with to attend you you’ll be taken straight to the Google Classroom!

Technical Support

What technology do I need to join Omnis School?

You will need access to a browser – we recommend Chrome or Safari – on a computer, laptop or iPad, and an internet connection.

While our platform is optimised for mobile devices, we recommend using a larger browser where possible.

Our content is not accessible offline or in a downloadable format.

Can Omnis School run on any computer?

Yes, as long as you have a connection to the internet. Much of our content is video-based, so you will need access to a stable connection and sufficient bandwidth to play the videos.

What browser works best with Omnis School?

We have found that we and our students have the least problems and smoothest experience using Chrome and Safari.

Do you provide technical support if we are unable to log in?

Absolutely! Get in touch by email if you have any problems logging in or getting started and one of our team will get back to you as soon as we can.

What do I do if I forget my username?

Your username is typically the email address you registered with. If you are unsure what this is, get in touch by email and we’ll look it up for you.

What do I do if I forget my password?

There’s a link to reset your password on our platform; if for some reason you do not receive a reset link by email, get in touch with us and we’ll reset your password for you.

Is there a way to contact technical support if I have technical difficulties while using a Learning Block?

Yes! Feel free to email us directly or you’ll be able to get in touch with us while accessing a specific learning block on our platform.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

What is your policy around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

As an entirely female-aligned leadership team with a person of colour, a person with an indigenous heritage and members of the LGBTQi+ community, we are building Omnis Education as an organisation fully and wholly committed to diversity, equity, belonging (not inclusion) and anti-racism.

We welcome you BECAUSE you are you. We welcome you because of your race, age, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and lifestyle and because you are you, unique and important.

We invite you to read our whole DE&B policy here, and join us!

What anti-racism curriculum do you offer for parents and children?

Omnis Education is built on a foundation of anti-racism. It’s not an afterthought for us, it’s baked into everything we do. From how we build our team, to the way we build each learning block.

We also offer a full range of anti-racism resources and learning pathways for both children and adults. In addition to those resources, which are available every day of the year to anyone enrolled, we invite mature learners to join our Anti-Racism Club to continue their education and further their commitment to living Anti-Racism in daily life. This club meets the second Saturday of each month for an hour. 

Do you offer Anti-Racism workshops for organisations?

Yes, we do! Members of your organization can join any of our regularly scheduled Anti-Racism workshops or you can contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange one specifically for your organization.

Our Anti-Racism workshop is recommended for businesses and school organizations alike.

Do you have mental health resources for children?

Yes, we do! We have a 15-session series on emotions, developing resilience, and positive mental health practices for children as well as a growing body of resources for teens, LGBTQI+ young people, and parents seeking to support their children.

All of our mental health resources are developed by a qualified UK Youth Worker, Coach and trained therapist with years of experience with children and mental health.

Do you have support for LGBTQ+ kids?

Of course! In addition to a range of resources (growing all the time!) for LGBTQI+ young people, we have a weekly community club called LGBTQ+ Club  which provides ongoing support for teens and tweens exploring their gender and sexuality and seeking a safe and carefully facilitated space to be and to become.

This is a safe space professionally supervised and facilitated by an expert Learning Guide with years of personal and professional experience in the field.

Do you have support for LGBTQ+ adults (ages 18+)?
We don’t yet, but we will soon! We’re starting a group for grown-ups too. Email us to inquire.
How can Omnis Education help my child with special educational needs?

Children with special needs or learning difficulties benefit from individualized educational plans and targeted support. They often find traditional school settings challenging for a range of reasons, from sensory processing, to the pace of the work, to their physical, emotional, mental, or energetic differences.

Omnis Education recognizes that we all learn differently and we celebrate that.

Our learning blocks are set up to be accessible by people at different levels of intellectual, emotional, and social development. Our self-directed learning experts are available to help you develop an implementation plan tailored to your students.

We have experts and therapists on hand, with experience in autism, learning difficulties, access requirements, specific learning needs and therapeutic education, as well as Youth work and Social Work to support your family’s individual needs. Your child, and your whole family, are welcome and catered for here!

The Learning Platform

How do I log in to Omnis School?

To log in to our learning platform, go here.

Can I get a qualification? (I am an adult)

The learning and personal and professional growth materials available on Omnis School’s platform are not accredited and do not provide you with a qualification.

Omnis Education is committed to re-designing the educational and personal development landscape and as will support you to build a portfolio of achievement which will enable you to show your learning and personal and professional growth.

Do you provide support to parents in organizing how to use Omnis School?

Yes! When you enroll in Omnis School we’ll help you get it all set up. We’ll make some suggestions of things that might work for you, and help you find a routine for your learning days that is comfortable for your family, group, pod, or school. We’ll help you understand the assessment piece and how to build portfolios with and for your kids.

We’ve got you.

How do you measure progress?

For children, we measure progress in four ways:

  1. By keeping track of which learning pathways a person has completed or is working on (available through the parent dashboard)
  2. Portfolio development (Please read the FAQ on portfolio development for more info).
  3. Participation in special projects and collaborations, led by our teachers such as music performances, self-published books and more.
How do I know if my kid is doing enough?

“Enough” is relative. Some families are interested in mirroring the type or amount of learning happening in schools. Other families want much more. Some want a more relaxed approach. There isn’t a right answer to this.

In our platform introduction, we make some suggestions around how you might use Omnis School and what “enough” might look like. We also make a clear suggestion for how much to do if you want to mirror what’s happening at school.

One possibility: Agree with your child to choose one learning pathway to dive into each week or month. Our idea is that a learning pathway is an overview of a particular topic designed to spark curiosity and encourage the learner to dive deeper take action in their lives. Learners might want to look at several pathways at a time.

Another possibility: Encourage deep dive “unit study” type learning in one subject area at a time, and then move on to the next.

Students are encouraged to develop a portfolio to curate a body of work that exemplifies what they are learning and the accomplishments they are most proud of.

What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of work that shows growth.

At Omnis Education, we encourage all students to save their work samples and upload projects, videos, and images of their learning to the portfolio development tool. Over time this builds the “story” of your educational progress.

How do I assemble a portfolio (for myself or my child)?

Our portfolio development tool is easy to use. When you join, you’ll watch a video demonstrating how the portfolio tool works.

Choose to include things that:

  • Represent your best work
  • Represent a challenge that was overcome
  • Represent a failure and what you learned from it
  • Show growth over a period of time (a writing sample from six months ago, and one from now)
  • You are proud of
  • Demonstrate your capability in a particular skill or area
  • Represent significant accomplishments
What should I cover in a week?

There are no “shoulds” or “musts” at Omnis School. Feel free to tailor our resources to your child’s individual needs!

If you are looking for a full replacement to regular school, then a week at Omnis might look like spending some time each day on each of the following:

  • Attend at least one Live Quest or Club per day
  • Understand more by diving into one or more of the Learning Pathways
  • Design better by diving into a Quest associated with your Learning Pathway(s)
  • Take action on the solutions and projects you are designing

Remember to keep track of all of the other things you and/or your child is doing and learning outside of Omnis School, because learning is happening EVERYWHERE, and it ALL counts!

What if my kid wants to learn something you don't have?

Send us an email and ask for it! We’re building Omnis School for the students we have. Every week we build blocks that kids and adults are asking for…

  • We built forensics for Maggie
  • Black Holes for Dizzy
  • The Mars Rovers for Judah
  • Computer Hacking for Jude

We’ll be happy to build whatever you’re interested in! And our block builders are FAST! You probably won’t have to wait more than a week for it!

How does the Live Learning work?

When you log in to our platform, you’ll see a page with all the details – the days, times and meeting links – for each scheduled live Quest or Club.

Simply choose which sessions you’d like to attend, click the meeting link at the correct day & time of the scheduled Live Learning session and you’ll be in!

Will my kids be on a screen the whole time they are learning?

Nope! We know lots of kids love to learn online (when it’s fun and engaging…not the boring version of online learning we’ve experienced during the pandemic!).

Our learning pathways are built to start with online engagement, through fun videos and more. But the activities most often take kids away from the screen to work on something “in the real world.”

This is important because as we all evolve into the digital future, we have to learn to build bridges between online and offline life and learning. The online world is a powerful tool that informs and augments our offline life. We believe in balance in all things!

High School And Beyond

I need to figure out high school, can you help?

Yes, we can! High school is Jenn’s (our CEO) favourite. If you have high schoolers, reach out and ask us for a link to our resources for parents on guiding teens, launching young adults and building unique and empowering learning journeys for young people.

The recording of her Beyond High School workshop is a great place to start. Then have a listen to the session she did for Denver Public Schools, with Ellie Jacques, on preparing teens for successful launch. You’ll definitely be inspired.

We’re building more resources all the time for high school students, and our existing learning pathways can support high school education as well. We’re in the process of building frameworks for high school to help you figure it out. In the meantime, feel free to book a call with Jenn and she can help point you in the right direction.

Do you offer high school transcripts?

We do not! But we can help you learn to build one. Check out our Beyond High School Workshop to learn more about that.

Can you help me build a high school transcript for my child?

Yes. We definitely can. Check out our Beyond High School Workshop to learn more about that.

Will my kids be able to get into college after Omnis School?

Yes! Self-directed learners get into great colleges and universities with outside the box educational experiences, without standardized tests, without diplomas, and without any of the trappings of regular school, all the time.

We have resources and a process to help you with this when you get there.

The most important thing you can do right now to ensure your child’s academic success at the highest levels is to foster a love for learning, encourage them to learn avidly, and keep records of all the crazy stuff they’re doing that is educational (learning happens everywhere!).

We’ll help you through the process of getting them into university when it’s time.

Pods & Microschools

How can Omnis School help us educate our children?

Omnis School provides a range of resources to support pod style learning including:

  • Access to the Omnis School platform for students and adults at a reduced bulk rate
  • Policy & Procedure frameworks and support
  • Educational consulting
  • Parental engagement
  • Guidance counselor style support for students
  • Teacher Training

Please see our Pod & Microschool Menu of Services for details.

Do you provide customized curriculum planning for Pods/Microschools?

Yes, we do. Please book a consultation with Jenn to discuss the particular needs of your school.