The Essential Questions

We believe the purpose of education is to facilitate and empower a learner to change the(ir) world. Change of every kind begins with asking the ‘right’ questions.

The Omnis ‘Curriculum’

“In education, a curriculum is broadly defined as the totality of student experiences that occur in the educational process. The term often refers specifically to a planned sequence of instruction, or to a view of the student’s experiences in terms of the educator’s or school’s instructional goals.”  – Source: Wikipedia,

At Omnis Education we believe YOU, the learner, should be in control of YOUR learning experience. The goals YOU want to achieve through education, how YOU want to get ‘there’ and what YOUR experience is like along the way…that’s what matters; not our goals for you!

The Omnis Curriculum is based upon a core set of FOUR Essential Questions…

Why Essential questions?

  • They are essential to the human experience; each of us asks/answers one or more of them at some point in our lives
  • They are as relevant to you, your life and your world as you want to make them. If you want to broaden your perspective, you can; if you want to narrow it, you can
  • They provide a lens to help understand more complex concepts; our approach ALWAYS begins by inviting you to understand more – to explore how things are now, how they got that way and to understand the history and context before designing something better
  • They can be answered in a variety of ways and a variety of viewpoints. There is NO right or wrong answer, only what is right for YOU
  • They can be revisited over time; how you answer a question now may be different to how you answer it in 1, 5 or 10 years’ time

The practice and process of answering the Essential Questions is to experience a ‘curriculum’ that changes, develops, deepens, expands and grows as you do…a never-ending curriculum, if you will!

How Would You Answer These Questions?

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