Social Communication & Interaction With Autism

Social Communication & Interaction With Autism

Watch the intro video from our Autism expert, Amy Phipps. Then dive into the rest of the learning resources for more information and strategies for social communication and interaction with autism.

Watch This

Now watch this excellent video of young people discussing communication – made by ‘Ambitious About Autism’ (a UK organisation).

Communication Activity

Think about how social communication and interaction differences affect your autistic family member.
Remembering what was discussed in Block 1 (about trying to see the world from the autistic point of view) try to think of two things you could do differently that would make it easier for them to manage these differences.

Now watch this video:


Dungeons and Dragons: Helping with social communication and interaction

Here is a blog post I wrote about the benefit of Dungeons and Dragons (a fantasy role play game) for autistic children. In particular, we have seen huge changes in my son’s communication skills since he has been playing (as well as other skills too!). By learning through playing a game that he loves, rather than in a “social skills class” he is much more likely to take on the lessons.