Project: Bean Art

Relax and unwind with this meditative bean art!

This project is all about using what we have around the house to get creative, and letting our perfectionist side go – enjoy the flow of the artistic process. Let’s do this!

What You’ll Need

  • Sturdy paper or canvas
  • Glue (clear crafting glue is my favorite, but any glue will work)
  • Several different colors of beans


  • Paint your beans for more colors
  • Use pasta, buttons, or whatever you have around for your own unique touch.


You have two paths forward to choose from – either recreate a picture using beans (use a page out of a coloring book or your own imagination to create animals, landscapes, or people with your beans) OR create a bean mandala. 

Glueing beans – simply put a little glue down on your paper and then stick a bean there. Voila! You choose the colors. Be careful not to cover too much of the page with glue right away, as it will dry quickly. Go one section at a time.

Want More Art?

We have a ton of super fun resources for art, from more project blocks, like this one, to profiles of famous artists (and projects to go with them), art history, and styles of art!

Mandala Instructions

To create your own mandala, start in the center with a simple pattern and work your way outward from there.

The key to creating a mandala is to make simple patterns over and over again, all the way around your piece. If you choose to place a red bean down, simply repeat that choice around your circle.

As you spend more time and make more choices, you’ll see the complexity of your mandala increase. 

Learn a bit about mandalas here:

Watch the Dalai Lama create a mandala here: