This learning block represents one week’s work. Aim to watch at least one video and choose at least one activity or project to complete. 

There are two videos to choose from about Astronauts. The first one is better for younger kids, the second one will appeal to older kids. Feel free to watch one, or both!

Girls Ask Dr. Jemison About Space

Did you know that women were not allowed to be astronauts in the USA until 1983? Here’s a video of Dr. Mae Jamison answering questions from girls about space and being an astronaut!

Who Was Neil Armstrong?

Neil Armstrong is one of the most famous astronauts because he was the first person to walk on the moon! Learn more about his amazing story in this video.

How to Astronauts Train for Space?

Astronauts undergo YEARS of training before they go to space. One way they train for their work outside in space is by practicing in a pool. Watch this!

Now Choose an activity

Why Exercise is Important in Space

Muscle tone and bone density both suffer for astronauts who spend a lot of time in space. Watch this video by NASA to learn about bone and muscle loss in space and why exercise is important.

Now, let’s do a work out with circuit stations!

Set up stations in your yard or living room to do each of these activities:

  • Push ups
  • Sit ups
  • Squats
  • Ball bounce
  • Jump rope
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Run in place
  • Meditation

Put on some music. Do each station for thirty seconds with a five second break to move to the next station. Do four or five rotations as time allows.

Think about all of the WORK that goes into training your body for space!

Cut & Paste Astronaut

Download and print this craft from Landis Productions.

Watch the video above for step by step instructions on how to create it. 

All you need are paper, scissors, and glue!

Make Astronaut Food

This is a fun activity, by kids for kids!

You will need:

  • Graham crackers
  • Cool Whip
  • Chocolate chips
  • Ziplock bag
  • Scissors

Make an Astronaut Helmet

Here’s the link to the project directions for the astronaut helmet. 

Blow up the balloon, tape on the poster board ring, mix up the flour and water paste, and put on your first layer of papier mache for the astronaut helmet. 

  • When each layer is dry, put another layer of papier mache on your helmet project. 
  • After 3 or 4 layers, when the papier mache is completely dry and stiff feeling then gently pop the balloon and carefully peel it away from the inside of your helmet.
  • Paint your astronaut helmet. Maybe you want to paint it to look like a real NASA helmet, or maybe you want to get creative! 
  • When the paint is dry, use tape to seal the raw edges by applying the tape to the outside of the face and neck openings and then gently folding it over the raw edge and adhering the other half of the strip of tape to the inside of the helmet. 
  • You’re done! Time to play astronaut!

Books about astronauts

Click on a book to buy it from Amazon. Or, you can ask for them at your local library.

If I were an astronaut read aloud (from space!)

Now Let’s have some fun!