Intro to Anti-Racism & Bias

This learning block represents one week’s work. Aim to watch at least one video and choose at least one activity or project to complete. 

Welcome to the anti-racism class. There are only a couple of things you need for this class: an open mind, and something to write your reflections in. Ready? Let’s dive in. 

Are You Biased? (Hint: We all are!)

Now choose an Activity

Implicit Bias Test

Do the implicit bias test


  • What did the test show?
  • Were you surprised? 
  • Were there parts that made you hesitate?
  • How did you feel about the results?
  • Why do you think you got those results?
  • What do you think you can do to fight those biases?

Stand or Sit

Click through and watch the short video associated with this Tweet.

Reflect: would you stand or sit? Why?


Watch The Anti-Racism Experiment That Transformed an Oprah Show Audience

Reflect and write:

  • How did the experiment make you feel?
  • Did anything surprise you?
  • What did you learn?

Final thought: Having biases doesn’t make you good or bad, you’re human. But you can choose to recognize them and commit to treating people fairly and equitably. 

Key Takeaways

Additional Videos

An ARticle to Read

Still wondering about bias and whether people actually ARE biased or not? Here’s an article to read from Science News for Students about implicit bias and why we all have them!