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At Omnis Education, we believe the purpose of education is to empower a learner to change the(ir) world. We support you to do this through Learning: The Omnis Way.

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Learning: The Omnis Way

Want to know how and why learning at Omnis is different? Read on…

 We believe the fundamental purpose of learning is to help the learner effect change.

What do you want to change?

Omnis Education’s version of an educational curriculum is based upon seven ‘Essential Questions‘; these are questions essential to the human experience, that each of us asks/answers one or more times in our lives, especially when we know change is needed. Exploring and answering these questions gives us deep insights into what we might want and need to change for ourselves, for the communities we belong to and for the world we live in.

But information and insights are only one part of change…DOING and taking action are another part! This is what you’ll find in Omnis Quests & Epics – invitations and resources to help you gain a new or master an existing skill, practice or habit.

And to ensure you aren’t learning in a vacuum and can access support – from highly vetted, world class ‘experts’ – we have a full range of live sessions facilitated by Omnis Learning Guides and Special Guests.

The Process of Change

1. Understand the ‘As Is’  – Explore history, science and more for a richer understanding, valuable context and broader perspectives of the way things are now and why/how they came to be this way.

2. Design the ‘To Be’  – Use this deeper contextual understanding and critical thinking to design something ‘better’, do something different, or try a new way.

3. Close the gap between ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be’ – Take action to implement your new design and create the change you want in your life, your community and your world.


This is why we invite you to learn and change with us in three core ways…

How Omnis Education Helps You Create Change

See Omnis School's 4 Essential Questions

Answer The Essential Questions

Explore your life, your community and your world through the lens of an Omnis Essential Question.

Experience our world class learning resources to discover your own path and answer.

Complete A Quest or Epic

Put Knowledge & Theory Into Practice

Complete Omnis Quests & Epics to master the skills you need and make the changes you want…

Whether that’s learning a language, creating a business plan, or building a new habit.

Live Sessions at Omnis Education

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Join daily live Clubs & Quests to learn with learners of all ages from around the globe.

Get support from & be inspired by the Omnis Learning Guides & our diverse range of Special Guests.

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